Maximo 7.6 is Coming!

IBM releases Maximo 7.6

IBM has announced that effective April 30th 2015 all fixes, patches, and telephone support will no longer be provided for Maximo 7.1x and all of it’s the corresponding components and add-ons of the same versions.  For you this means that you should be planning on your upgrade path today.While, Maximo 7.5 brings a wealth of new features and capabilities which includes Health Safety & Environment Manager, Scheduler, and the IBM Mobile and Industry Solutions. Maximo 7.6 brings a host of new features that you should find very interesting.In Maximo 7. 6 it is is expected to include the ability to support crew management, Quick Reporting log tab, Purchase Requests/Orders. Another exciting feature is the Public Map API (Google and Bing) as well as the Application Designer for map controls.

Also, Maximo 7.6 provides a very much improved user experience.  IBM has updated fonts, colors, and styling. you can now choose to have labels on top of data instead of the left and have your menu pinned to the left.  New mouse-over dialog boxes provide information on fields.

The major web browsers are being supported (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer). It’s important to note that 32-bit Linux is no longer supported.

Want to Keep up with the Latest and Greatest?
If you use the IBM SaaS for Maximo (software as a service) you will get fixes, enhancements, features and functions as soon as they are tested. This will greatly reduce your cost for any on-premise Maximo installations that you have today.

Want More Information?
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