IBM TRIRIGA® helps companies optimize building use, reduce occupancy costs, and improve lease administration. Companies can test future space requirements and make long-term planning decisions.

Real Estate Portfolio Management

TRIRIGA contains strategic portfolio planning and lease management. It assists with optimizing building use, reducing occupancy costs, and improving lease administration. TRIRIGA software helps companies evaluate future space requirements and make long-term planning decisions. As an example, managers can make informed decisions between buying or leasing options.

Capital Project Management

This includes condition assessment, budgeting, construction estimating, and project management. You can rank investment priorities to maximize a facility’s lifetime value at the lowest cost.

For example, property managers can use TRIRIGA solutions to assess whether to replace a roof on a building versus replacing the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. You are able to assess trade-offs in investment priorities. Determine which option is likely to provide a better return on investment.