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“I would very highly recommend ITS. They did an absolutely amazing job of navigating the politics, assessing the business processes, getting the upper management to look at and fix broken processes, and then implementing Maximo based upon the corrected process. They were very professional, thorough, and the end-product of their work is amazing.

“We were running Maximo 4.11 and upgraded to 7.1. The two main players at ITS that I had the pleasure of working with are Rich Minnigh and Rich Poorman. These guys helped us to customize the system at a very low level and fit it to our processes, hardware, security model (which is saying a lot with DoD), and existing data. They did such a great job that the contracting folks turned around and contacted IBM and had ITS designated as our Tier I support, so now when we put in a ticket with IBM, ITS returns the call. Once you work with these guys, you’ll want them full-time and permanent.”

David Stetson, Data Systems Engineer — Engineering Data Center, Edwards AFB

“ITS is an amazing company. Your team is very professional and they are definitely top-notch people in your field of work. I have never worked with a company when something needs to be done and one person is busy doing a task, another person comes in and scoops up that task and gets it done without missing a beat. I absolutely love working with ITS!! It just makes work fun and easy.”

Mark A. Grimes, Maximo Administrator / Facility Operation Specialist — National Archives & Records Administration


“ITS employees are exceptionally responsive to the terms of our agreement contract. Their depth of knowledge, skills, and abilities in their technical and service areas of expertise are exceptional, critically helpful, and amazingly proficient. They are consistently an exceptional resource for improving processes, implementing reconfigurations to get desired results, and have informed us of several potential technical or business process impediments in our drafted change requests.

“We have unraveled and improved multiple process weaknesses made with previous service provider firms. We appreciate their insightful input, guidance, and warnings, especially looking into future possible functional or technical rollouts. We have never experienced any concern for safety or security issues, as the hosting provider has exceptionally high securities standards aimed at government level requirements, and backups are performed as scheduled.”

TiLianne Tanner, Railway Information Systems Specialist — Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit

“ITS stands apart from the competition. In addition to their great knowledge of Maximo systems, they are experts in business process management. Maximo is a tool that can be used to implement good business processes. ITS provided us with Maximo expertise as well as their experience implementing efficient business processes in Maximo. We continue to enjoy their expertise and support, even years after our initial implementation.”

Railroad Asset Manager, Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit 

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