Introducing IBM Maximo From Anywhere

Monitor IBM Maximo From Anywhere

Many companies take a reactive approach to solving problems with their IBM Maximo system. Administrators don’t have full visibility, so they learn about issues only after users complain.

ITS has created MaxAware, the only monitoring tool for IBM Maximo that enables complete visibility. With MaxAware, organizations can monitor Maximo anywhere using any device. MaxAware notifies companies of problems with Maximo so they can be solved before they affect users.

With MaxAware you can securely access and interact with your IBM Maximo system from anywhere, from any device, without installing extra client software.

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The Power of ITS MaxAware

MaxAware gives you detailed real-time information so you can dive deeper into all aspects of your IBM Maximo system and make informed management decisions. With MaxAware,
you can:

  • Turn Maximo Admin Mode on and off

  • Restart JVMs

  • Restart your Maximo server

  • Block or unblock users

  • Watch commands execute in real time

  • Monitor active users and licenses

MaxAware Features

ITS MaxAware is a feature-rich monitoring tool designed especially for Maximo System Administrators, corporate IT Administrators, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are tasked with monitoring many systems. MaxAware features include:

  • System Tracking

    Get information about the status of the web server, Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), Oracle and MS SQL databases, Windows and Linux servers, and server storage.

  • License Tracking

    Know at a glance whether you are approaching your license limits.

  • Active Users

    Find out who is using the system so you can right-size your license count.

  • Cron/Escalation Monitor

    Detect which cron tasks are having issues or failing.

  • Log Monitor

    Parse log files so that the important information is at your fingertips.

  • Histogram

    Keep a seven-day history of each log event so you can see when the log event is occurring and be alerted to the root cause.

  • Alerts

    Receive instant alerts through your email and via text messaging.

  • Interfaces

    Monitor and receive alerts on inbound interfaces that generate errors in the error queue.

  • Search

    Find what you need quickly.

Manage IBM Maximo Proactively

MaxAware is a cloud service that provides a single view into the important aspects of your Maximo instances from anywhere in the world. MaxAware is accessible through your browser on any device so no client software is needed, and you can communicate with the server without opening special ports on your firewall.

What Sets MaxAware Apart

MaxAware is unlike any other IBM Maximo monitoring tool. ITS has developed MaxAware to be hosted in the cloud so companies can monitor the entire Maximo system from any location using any type of device, from a mobile phone to a laptop or tablet. The cloud empowers administrators to monitor Maximo from multiple global locations with a single user interface.

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