It can be frustrating when you don’t know what is going on with your IBM Maximo systems or aren’t aware of a problem until a user tells you about it. Too many organizations are forced to reactively manage their enterprise systems. For IBM Maximo, that is about to change.

Introducing ITS MaxAware for IBM Maximo

MaxAware is the first solution that makes you “aware” of important aspects of your IBM Maximo system. MaxAware notifies you when you there is an issue, allowing you to take action before it affects your users. Now you can proactively manage your IBM Maximo system, on-premises or in the cloud. And for a limited time, sign up for IBM Maximo services and get one year of MaxAware for free. MaxAware - Instances MaxAware was built for Maximo System Administrators, corporate IT Administrators, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that monitor many systems. Administrators can gain insights into the IBM Maximo systems that they manage from anywhere: on their desktop, tablet, or phone.

MaxAware Features

  • System Tracking – Status and Details of:
    • Web Server
    • JVMs
    • Database (Oracle and MS SQL)
    • Windows and Linux Servers
    • Server Storage Details
  • License Tracking – Know at a glance that you are approaching your license limits.
  • Active Users – Find out who is using the system and right-size your license count.
  • CRON/Escalation Monitor – Which ones are having issues or failing?
  • LOG Monitor – MaxAware parses log files so that the important information is at your fingertips!
    • Histogram – 7-day history of each log event, offering a glimpse into when the log event is occurring, and potentially alerting you to the root cause.
  • Alerts – Instant Alerts to your email and via text messaging.
  • Interfaces – Monitor and alert on inbound interfaces that generate errors in the error queue
  • Search – MaxAware search capability enables you to find what you need quickly.

What MaxAware Can Do for You

MaxAware gives you instant, detailed information on your servers, logs, CRONs, license information, active users, and more. You can dive deeper into all aspects of your IBM Maximo system. Always know what is going on with your system so you can make informed management decisions. With MaxAware you can securely access and interact with your IBM Maximo system from anywhere, from any device, without installing extra client software. What can you do with MaxAware?

  • Turn Maximo Admin Mode on and off.
  • Restart Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).
  • Restart your Maximo server.
  • Block or unblock users.
  • Watch commands execute in real time through the Command Queue/Results window.
  • Monitor active users and licenses so that you know if you need more licenses or less.

Manage IBM Maximo Proactively

MaxAware is a Cloud service that provides a single view into the important aspects of your Maximo instances from anywhere in the world. MaxAware is accessible through your browser on any device, so no client software is needed, and you can communicate with the server without opening special ports on your Firewall.

Ready to take your IBM Maximo management to the next level?

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MaxAware flyer

MaxAware gives you insight into Maximo that you never had before and can save you time and money.  Talk to our MaxAware experts at ITS today.