A Holistic Approach to Asset and Facilities Management

Many companies react to inefficiencies – like processing errors and poor resource allocation – instead of taking a proactive approach to prevent these issues before they arise. This can cost businesses everything from lost profits to damaged professional reputations. So how do companies get better sightlines into operations? How do they uncover what is happening in real-time across all enterprise assets before problems manifest? The answer is asset management software.

Asset management tools offer companies the ability to see what is happening in real-time across all of your enterprise assets. With this insight and improved visibility, your office heads can be empowered to detect and stop problems before they arise.

To be successful, asset and service management software needs to align with business needs and help an organization achieve greater efficiency. Advancements to usability, integration, and business intelligence from IBM Maximo® Asset Management software explains why this solution is used by companies of all types and sizes.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Assemble the best work crews using the Crews application. Match positions, labor, qualifications and assets to complete tasks more efficiently. Crews can be changed per project or retained for repetitive workflows, saving time and payroll.

2. Gain deeper analysis of Maximo data. With Cognos reporting permits, all enterprise assets and processes are planned, controlled, and aligned with the multi-user management system. This real-time knowledge share results in better control, organization, product configuration, and facilities management.

3. Customize workflow automation. Better manage systems and processes by linking directly with external financial applications, allowing for live updating and the most precise forecasting models possible. The Application Designer can also be customized to meet proprietary/external graphical demands.

4. Standardize or Customize Reporting options depending on your company’s needs. This is done through the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT). This tool customizes field selection, sorting, and can set unique parameters to match specific needs relative to the industry or task. Downloaded reports can be viewed in various formats, which allow companies to share and review most easily.

5. Obtain mobile connectivity through the Maximo Everyplace template application. This app connects the mobile workforce to the tools they need to complete tasks – like resource planning, work order review, route optimization, and live order updating. Workforce productivity is optimized with better collaboration technologies that connect employees and streamline jobs. This means less waiting and more doing.

Want to see how the improved usability, performance, and reporting capabilities in IBM Maximo® 7.6 let your organization achieve greater efficiencies in asset management? Contact ITS at 678-490-3800 for more information.