IBM Maximo Training

IBM provides training on many of their solutions through the IBM Watson IoT Academy. In the catalog of courses, you can find free Maximo Asset Management courses as well as specific training simulations. ITS highly suggests checking out the 7.6 Maximo New Features.

ITS recommends these courses as they are self-paced. Don’t worry about the quiz at the end, they can be retaken as often as needed.

Watson IoT Academy – Maximo Training

Easiest Way to Search

  1. You will need an ID and can sign up for one at the site. (Click the ‘Create IBM ID Account’ and select ‘Sign Up for an IBM ID’. Complete the requested info. You will receive an email with the confirmation code.)
  2. Once you have one, you can sign in.
  3. Next, click the ‘Course Catalog’ menu option.
  4. Then, filter the list by category. Choose ‘Connected Operations’.