Thinking about a New Asset Management System or Replacing One? – Read This First!

From time to time, you see where an organization is looking to displace its current asset management solution. This generally indicates that the organization has been suffering from issues with its current solution for some time. However, there can be other reasons as well. Generally, it seems these issues fall into some common areas described below.

System Issues

  • Inflexibility: The system simply doesn’t allow for an organization’s processes. It may not allow you to modify the system to add fields, constraints, etc., to support the data the system needs to contain.
  • Workflow: The system may not provide an adequate job/process workflow or maybe no workflow at all.
  • Integration: Maybe the system won’t allow you to integrate easily or at all with your other systems.
  • Functionality: The system may simply not have all the functionality necessary for the organization.
  • Support: Perhaps product support is inadequate or maybe the system is end of life.
  • Cost: The cost of the solution may be not in alignment with the value of the system for the organization.

IBM Maximo is Different

While it is understandable these items are issues with many asset management systems and why you would want to replace those systems, none of the reasons listed above applies to IBM Maximo.

Maximo is extendable enough to adapt to any business function. Maximo has the workflow to accommodate business processes and will integrate with any system that will permit it. Maximo’s functionality is easily above other products and with 3rd party add-ons, there are even more capabilities. As a company, IBM fully supports the product and uses a network of partners like ITS to provide any support necessary.


Occasionally, you will hear that Maximo costs too much. However, when it comes to the cost of Maximo, the first step is to review your licensing to ensure it is accurate for the user distribution? Many times, organizations are oversubscribed. This is not an easy process, but an IBM Maximo Partner can assist.

System Replacement

When an IBM Maximo system is being considered for replacement, it normally comes down to an organization not doing its due diligence. When users complain that the system doesn’t do something or meet expectations, the first thing that should happen is to reach out to a support partner to ensure that it is actually the system that is limited and not simply your knowledge of the system that is limiting you. Keep in mind that your system admin may simply be keeping the system running but they may not be actual system experts.

How is ITS Different?

This is where ITS is different than most companies. Our personnel was Maximo clients before they were consultants. We understand processes and procedures and how to adapt Maximo to them. Bottom line, there is no reason to suffer from an asset management system that isn’t living up to expectations. As asset management experts, ITS can assist you with any issues and ensure that the system is performing as expected.

In Summary

Finally, always remember, there can be a lot of associated costs that aren’t always considered. Beyond the system, there can be platform fees, migration costs, user testing, and training, etc. These must all be considered.