Moving IBM Maximo to the cloud enables companies to benefit from the solution without the need for hardware or software. ITS understands that it can be challenging to move enterprise systems, such as IBM Maximo, from on-site to a hosted solution. That’s why we built a distinct practice to offer our clients the most flexible Maximo cloud hosting solutions in the industry.

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Benefits of Hosting IBM Maximo in the Cloud

24/7/365 Access

From your web browser, you can access your Maximo system from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Robust Security

With military-grade security, your hosted Maximo will have tighter security than you can maintain at your organization.

Better Management

If you choose to have your Maximo managed, you can leverage a team of experts to run your system optimally at a fraction of the cost of internal system management.

Disaster Proofing

Hosted servers are located in several locations with backups stored in entirely different places, even across the globe, to keep information safe and recoverable.

Cost Savings

By leveraging cloud, you will achieve real savings in capital and operating expenses by not needing to buy or maintain hardware or shoulder utility and personnel costs.


Having Maximo in the cloud guarantees 99.99% availability for seamless business continuity.

Implementation Design

Focus on using Maximo to manage business processes instead of spending time on system configuration.

Maximo in the Cloud Implementation Options

Maximo as a Service (MaaS): ITS offers clients 3 licensing options for MaaS: ITS Provided, Client Provided (Bring Your Own License), or a combination of the two options. No matter which license model a company employs, everyone receives the same stellar managed SaaS experience from ITS. We are able to host Maximo in a robust and redundant environment. Hardware is replaced on a schedule so that you always benefit from the latest technologies, and we are able to move your environment to the cloud with limited disruption.

Pay as you go pricing: Maximo is hosted on the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for a per-user, per-month fee. While not as customizable as other Maximo solutions, this option is great if you have a fairly simple setup. Using IaaS frees you from hardware support and maintenance.

Hybrid Hosting: ITS can provide a hybrid cloud model which combines your on-premises data center with our hosted solution to provide the flexibility you need for your Maximo infrastructure. We will work directly with you to design the solution that works best for your particular situation and price point.

Bring your own equipment: Some clients have made a significant investment in their equipment and want to maintain ownership. However, they also want the reliability of cloud connectivity. ITS will host your equipment in one of our robust, secure data centers for a monthly fee. You have the option of managing the equipment yourself or having certified ITS professionals manage it for you.

Host Maximo on ITS equipment: ITS uses a reliable, enterprise-class infrastructure to host your application. This frees you from worrying about the underlying operating systems and support functions. ITS will manage the system from the ground up and take care of all aspects of the system for you.

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