Richard Poorman, President and Principal Consultant

Richard Poorman founded ITS in 1999. His career began with the US Air Force in several technical disciplines. There he helped establish the first LAN for USAF Iceland. After leaving the military, Rich continued his journey in IT. Rich began working with Maximo as a client and gained a distinct understanding of the challenges facing businesses. With that knowledge, Rich founded ITS, and his ability to align systems to the business needs is deeply rooted from that. Rich provides the leadership to the company and brings his IT and maintenance experience together to ensure the successful completion of projects. In fact, even though ITS now delivers solutions to some of the top companies in the world, ITS still maintains our relationship with our very first client. Rich likes to ride four-wheelers and is very much the adventure seeker.

Richard Minnigh, Vice President of Operations

Rich Minnigh ITSRichard Minnigh has been in IT since it started to go mainstream over 30 years ago as a BASIC programmer on TRS80 Model-IIIs. From mainframes in the US Air Force to desktops and now to mobile devices, Rich has literally seen it all. Rich brings a wealth of experience having worked with the federal government, state and local agencies, and commercial companies. As the Vice President of Operations at ITS, Rich ensures that all projects are moving forward on time and on budget with a distinct focus on exceeding the customer’s expectations. In his spare time, Rich restores antique items and tinkers with his muscle car.

Daniel Brame, Senior Consultant

Daniel Brame ITSDaniel Brame is a pure technologist. He revels in anything that passes a 1 or a 0. Daniel’s vast technology skill set and his programming capabilities brings robust and unique solutions to our clients. With over 10 years of Maximo and IT experience, Daniel has development, integration, and deployment experience. At ITS, Daniel is primarily responsible for leading the technical teams on engagements. Being adept at programming with Perl, Python, Jython, Java, and the like, he is able to adapt ITS solutions to solve business needs. When he is not busy with work, Daniel enjoys game development and collecting vintage computer hardware.