IT assets have unique requirements that call for a dedicated IT asset and service management tool. This is where IBM Control Desk comes in.

Control Desk is an optimized, automated IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-compliant service management tool that helps reduce costs and avoid service disruptions.

IBM Control Desk

  • Service request management – Your company requires an efficient service desk that handles all requests while managing problems and incidents. Control Desk acts as your knowledge base so your service desk improves as it learns.
  • Change, configuration, and release management – Managing patches and changes to the configuration can cause unintended compatibility issues. Control Desk performs advanced impact analysis and automated change procedures that reduce these issues.
  • IT asset lifecycle management – Manage the full lifecycle of your IT hardware assets. You also can manage software licenses with compliance capabilities.
  • A service catalog – Reduce time-consuming and expensive calls to your service desk agents by providing end users access to self-help information.
  • Support for service providers – Does your organization support multiple customers? With Control Desk, you can support multiple customers with a single license deployment.

Powerful and Flexible

Control Desk is accessible through your choice of mobile devices. It also integrates with social media platforms and your development tools.

IT has flexible deployment options that include on-premise or cloud software as a service (SaaS). It can be deployed as a VM image to give you the flexibility to easily change the delivery model as your business evolves.