IBM has announced that Maximo 7.5x and its corresponding components and add-ons will go end of support on April 30, 2018. This means that you will no longer receive bug fixes, security patches, and telephone support for Maximo 7.5x. It is time to upgrade NOW!

I think this new Maximo is SOOOOO much faster! And I LOVE the print button! It would never work on our previous version because of java. – ITS Client

Why Should You Upgrade to IBM Maximo 7.6?

The first reason is that Maximo 7.5 is going end of support. Maximo Asset Management is a business-critical application for many enterprises. This alone is a great reason to upgrade.

In addition to current support, there are many improvements and benefits you will receive from upgrading to IBM Maximo 7.6x.

IBM’s Maximo Mobile Solution

Maximo Everyplace (IBM’s Maximo Mobile Solution) is now included as part of the Maximo 7.6 release, allowing for mobile access through a standard browser on connected devices.

IBM Maximo 7.6 User Interface Changes

Multiple changes to the user interface design make completing tasks easier. Some of those include:

  • Hover over a field to see related information without having to leave the record.
  • Buttons next to text boxes provide quick access to the actions you frequently use.
  • View related information for a record in a Result Set Portlet.
  • New edit mode ensures that no one else can edit a record while you are making changes.
  • Side navigation menu makes moving around the user interface and completing tasks easier.
  • Menu items provides quick access to your recent applications.

New Features in IBM Maximo 7.6

IBM has added many new and upgraded features in Maximo 7.6 to help you manage your assets.

  • The Crews application and the Crew Types application help you to define and assemble work crews.
  • The Service Address application makes finding locations and assets easier.
  • The Map Manager application helps you to see a visual representation of your work.
  • Maximo Everyplace template applications provide the mobile workforce with tools to complete their daily tasks.
  • Enhancements to Inspection tools facilitate work management.
  • New Business Intelligence (BI) features in Maximo® Asset Management 7.6 provide improved data analysis for your unique business needs.
  • New License Usage Monitor application.
  • You can use the new License Usage Monitor application to monitor your usage of licenses. The app provides information to optimize usage of licenses and determine whether your organization is using more than the purchased number of licenses.
  • New Building Information Modeling applications. By using Building Information Modeling applications, you can import building model data in Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) format into Maximo.
  • Cron task loads are now balanced among the servers that are set up to run the cron task instances.

Greater Reporting Capabilities in Maximo 7.6

The ability to glean insights into your enterprise assets is likely one of the reasons that you originally implemented IBM Maximo. These new reporting features allow you to do that easier and faster:

  • Capabilities are enhanced with new applications and improved usability.
  • KPI templates – simplifies creation of new KPIs by reusing common queries.
  • KPI viewer – single application to view all KPIs.
  • KPI manager – changes to KPI permissions by security group, colors, and scheduling.
  • New ‘Analytics’ Module through the Go To Menu tab.
  • 12 report formats (Including XLS) and the ability to schedule a XLS spreadsheet report.
  • The direct print and direct print with attachments features include new upgrades that streamline the printing and downloading process for PDF files. Ad Hoc reports have been greatly improved.
  • Calculations – adds additional columns to report calculated information.
  • Summaries – full report summaries include sum, count, min, max, median, mode, and average.

Improved Integration, Multitenant, and Browser Support with Maximo 7.6

Integration: Automation scripts can be used for processing integration data. Previous versions required a Java user exit class or processing rules.

Multitenant: Maximo 7.6 allows multiple customers to access and coexist in the same environment. The database is shared, yet data is isolated and secure.

Browsers Supported: Maximo 7.6 supports the following browsers:

  • IE 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Firefox 31
  • Chrome 36
  • Safari 7 (on Mac)

ITS Is Here to Help With Your Maximo Upgrade

The team at ITS can provide you with a demo so you can see Maximo 7.6 in action. Or we can help you set up a project plan for your Maximo upgrade.

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