IBM releases Maximo

You have been hearing much about MAS8 but did you know that Maximo® Asset Management has been released and includes fixes, enhancements, and new features for Maximo. This version contains fixes for over 1100 issues.

Some new items in include Roll Up Maintenance Costs. You can select the Roll Up Maintenance Costs action in the Assets application instead of running a Maintenance Cost Rollup Report to roll up maintenance costs for your assets.

Also, there are new Maximo Mobile updates. If your Maximo Application Suite entitlement includes the use of Maximo Mobile with Maximo Asset Management, this feature pack includes new fixes and capabilities. The Maximo Mobile Inventory Counting application and the Maximo Asset Management Count Books setup application are installed.

Let ITS upgrade your current Maximo to

For more information on what’s new, check out IBM’s page for IBM Maximo New Features.