Design and Business Process Workshops

ITS projects begin with a complete, upfront understanding of business goals, and this begins with the Business Process Review (BPR) or needs analysis of the intended/listed requirements and how they can be met with IBM Maximo®.

If processes have not already been developed, ITS can work with clients through interviews with necessary parties to develop a visual representation, typically presented as process flowcharts, that demonstrate the business processes at a high level. ITS normally develops this flowchart into a swimlane diagram. From this diagram, a representation of the process steps can be flushed out, and the system can be codified for build.

Uncover How ITS Creates a Business Process Flowchart


Maximo System Implementation Methodology

The BPR as-is sessions focus on current processes and how the existing tools or systems are used.

The to-be sessions outline the target processes utilizing the Maximo system and taking into account any requested improvement and system features. During the to-be session, ITS will conduct a functional overview of Maximo and highlight capabilities that may improve utilization and lessons learned from other client installations. The result of these sessions will be a to-be process diagram that aligns with client business requirements.

Sample Swimlane Diagram

See an example of how ITS creates a swimlane diagram to show how the process resources carry out a business workflow that can be automated by IBM Maximo.

ITS Business Process Review for IBM Maximo

Once the swimlane diagrams have been created, ITS will configure IBM Maximo to automate processes where possible. Throughout the design sessions, ITS will provide best-practice recommendations based on our past experience on how to leverage Maximo features to improve utilization and decision making.

Optimizing Business Processes Through Maximo

Learn about how ITS streamlines operations for our customers.