Why Choose a Cloud Hosted Enterprise Asset Management Environment?

For many companies, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the glue that holds everything together. In the past, asset-rich organizations struggled to keep track of their equipment with the outdated siloed systems available. Now, with EAM, every department has access to information about equipment location and status so better decisions can be made regarding inventory and maintenance. The demand for EAM systems is growing. Global marketing research firm, MarketsandMarkets, predicts the market will grow to $5.24 billion by 2021.

Even though more efficient, the tracking, monitoring, and equipment maintenance duties of EAMs are tall orders for an enterprise. The solution? Companies that are overwhelmed by asset management tasks should work with a provider that offers EAM as a service.

Freeing Your Team to Innovate

An EAM system simplifies the management and monitoring of your assets by allowing a centralized view of all related data. But continuous monitoring of this data takes up time and attention your team could be devoting to strategic initiatives.

When you work with a partner like Intelligent Technology Solutions (ITS), management and monitoring tasks are freed from your workload so your team can focus on projects that will build your business and give you an edge against competitors. We have been working with best-in-breed EAM solution, IBM Maximo, since 1999. Almost 20 years’ experience as a Maximo customer and license vendor gives us the expertise needed to give our clients quicker time to value (TTV).

Getting More Performance for Less

When your company runs an EAM on-premises, you are responsible for all the necessary hardware and licensing fees for the software. Keeping track of upgrades to avoid loss of support and eliminating vulnerabilities that might be exploited by hackers are your responsibilities too.

The right partner will take those burdens from your company’s shoulders. ITS provides state-of-the-art servers that offer the high availability and low latency your business needs to achieve maximum performance. Instead of being burdened by hardware refreshes and determination of capacity needs, your business can pay for what you need on a subscription plan and scale when needed.

Boosting Security

Monitoring for suspicious activity is a full-time job. Companies have difficulty keeping up with alerts due to lack of resources and manpower. A team may not have the expertise necessary to recognize and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats. Additionally, most companies don’t have the security budget necessary to implement state-of-the art detection and prevention measures.

Working with the right EAM provider can mean peace-of-mind for your business. ITS has the response experience required, as well as an appreciation for cost-effectiveness. With the variety of clientele that we have worked with, there aren’t many threats we haven’t encountered. We can dedicate the manpower needed to ensure 24×7/365 surveillance.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Cloud EAM

Not every cloud provider offers the same levels of support, cost savings, performance, and security. Working with an experienced cloud provider that offers top-of-the line data center infrastructure and EAM software is essential for optimizing the benefits of a cloud solution.

ITS’s Maximo as a Service (MaaS) enables your company to put your EAM in the cloud. MaaS replaces the need for a la cart licensing fees and infrastructure resources that are needed to run Maximo. Like most cloud services, MaaS is pay-as-you-go, with support and upgrades included. Some of our clients have reported experiencing a 90% cost savings compared to an on-premises solution.

Not only does ITS offer 99.99% availability with 24×7 monitoring, but we provide your company with military-grade security. By working with ITS, your company can be confident you have the most accurate information about your vital assets when you need it, and that that data is highly protected.

Now is the time to consider moving your EAM system to the cloud. Reach out today! Mention thevideo below for a very special discount on services from Intelligent Technology Solutions. Contact ITS today
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