IBM’s SmartCloud: Smart in More Ways Than One

When sitting down to make financial decisions, one of the biggest unknowns is knowing what the value will be over time. We probably think about this most when buying a car. We ask questions like how long will it last? Will I get any money when I sell it? What’s it really worth? If an investment has potential for a positive total cost of ownership, then typically we move forward.

Similarly, very similar questions may be asked when looking into cloud computing. We know some of the benefits include data storage scalability, disaster recovery, and streamlined environment hosting. What we don’t always know is the value or long-term financial impact that utilizing these systems will have on our business. Just like finding a car, we can also shop for a cloud solution with a proven and predictable total cost of ownership.

Same as with the car, we look for technology solutions with long lasting benefits like IBM SmartCloud that encompasses what the enterprise-class needs and is used for building private, public, and hybrid clouds. From procurement and implementation, to project conclusion and support throughout the lifespan of the solution, forecast its value over time is simple. The technology provides an end-to-end service based on automatic provisioning. With the lessened pull on human resources to deploy requested services and less redundancies there is a long term cost effectiveness of this cloud model.

As data demands double and the need for secure connectivity increases, being able to add value to IT while also retaining a reasonable cost can be a tough proposition. The IBM SmartCloud helps companies deliver new services at a flexible pay-per-use structure, or pay for what you use, reducing the costs associated with service delivery management.

In addition to the cloud computing, IBM SmartCloud’s Cost Management tool provides insight into the software’s usage cost, resource demand, and infrastructure. Total cost of ownership is directly related to usability. With SmartCloud accurately tracking how the business is sharing data across the organization, the company is only paying for what it’s using.

IBM SmartCloud technology quantifies just how virtualized IT assets are helping business units and workflows. Businesses are able to leverage a tool that enhances systems, proves value over time, and has a strong total cost of ownership. If only we could drive it!

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