Released – IBM Maximo Asset Management Feature Pack

On July 24, 2020, IBM Software released Feature Pack for Maximo Asset Management.

This update includes fixes, enhancements, and new features for Maximo Asset Management 7.6.1.

Maximo® Asset Management includes new features and capabilities that improve the efficiency of asset management, streamline business processes, and provides more flexibility with integration and IoT connectivity.

What’s new in connectivity
Connectivity enhancements in Maximo Asset Management include an IoT connector to IoT platforms, push notifications for mobile applications, and the ability to import digital data for assets.

What’s new in token licensing
Enhancements to the token licensing model include support for additional industry solutions products and the ability to review current assignments of access types.

What’s new in license monitoring
Enhancements for monitoring usage of software licenses include support to additional products, the ability to review current license allocation, and a system property to control which users are shown in the log files.

What’s new in reporting
Enhancements for reports in IBM® Maximo Asset Management include a new process for loading reports and entitlement to IBM Cognos® Analytics 11.0.13.

What’s new in Work Centers
Enhancements to the Work Centers improve the processes for inventory, work management, and service requests.

What’s new in storeroom management
Enhancements to storeroom management include updates to creating storeroom hierarchies, adding items to multiple storerooms, and reordering parts from a storeroom.

What’s new in email listeners
Enhancements to email listeners’ functionality include embedding images from free-form emails and configuring email listeners to use the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

What’s new in regulatory compliance
A new, native verification option for electronic signatures is added. Because the new verification option is native to the product, it is independent of external authentication protocols and can now be used with more protocols, such as SAML or OIDC.

What’s new in navigation for assets and locations hierarchies
To improve navigation, an optional drill-down feature is available for viewing both assets and locations in a single, hierarchical view. The drag-and-drop and cut-and-paste options in the hierarchical view make it easier to move assets and locations.

What’s new in logging features for cron tasks
Administrators can use enhanced logging features for cron tasks to track and analyze cron task activity. They also can limit the size and number of log files for the PMWoGen cron task.

What’s new in attachments
To enhance productivity and efficiency, users can now add more than one attachment at a time.

What’s new in integration with external applications
The integration framework now includes features that allow the enablement of more message providers. Since the integration framework provides an abstraction of the message queue features, the framework is independent of the model for the underlying messages, such as JMS or Apache Kafka. You can integrate the provided Kafka client with a Kafka provider to exchange data. You also have new features for API Keys and new ways to work with endpoints and event filtering.

What’s new in scripting
Scripting has been enhanced to support scripts that can be run as asynchronous jobs.

What’s new in IBM Maximo Asset Management Multitenancy
Enhancements for IBM Maximo Asset Management Multitenancy include a new process for loading reports and new features for Migration Manager applications. Tenants can now integrate with the Kafka messaging platform to publish and consume messages. Multitenant managers can now assign products to tenants and then assign licenses.

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