Maximo issues with Java and Direct Print

Changes are inevitable and they can also impact your use of Maximo. This issue arisen from the normal update of Java to fix security vulnerabilities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Java 1.7 is only supported for Maximo 7.5.03 and newer. If your version of Maximo is not supported for Java 1.7, a hot fix will not be available.

Starting with Java 1.7 release 40 and later, users can no longer allow the security alert on unsigned jar files to be overridden. The means that the users will need to make extra clicks to Direct Print reports.

Your users will get a java security message on the jar files, especially during Direct Print.

The issue that is causing this is that later versions of the Java Runtime Engine will not allow unsigned jar files to run without a security warning being displayed.

Resolving the Problem

There are 3 possible resolutions.

    1. Use older version of java. Either 1.6 or 1.7 pre-release 40. (Of course this does leave you somewhat vulnerable)
    2. Sign the QuickPrint.jar using your own certificate.
    – If your organization already has a certificate, this will be trivial.
    – If your organization does not have a certificate, you will need to obtain one from a recognized certification authority.
    More information on signing jar files is available on the internet.
    3. Request IBM Hotfix for APAR IV44907, this fix signs the APAR using a trusted certificate.

For more information on the Java and Direct Print issue, Click Here!