IBM Maximo Feature Pack Released

On March 18, 2016, IBM Software released the Feature Pack for Maximo Asset Management.

New features and capabilities in the IBM Maximo Asset Management feature pack make the Direct Print feature more accessible and enhance the functions of JSON mapping.

New in JSON mapping

The Maximo Integration Framework JSON API is now improved for the Spatial and CBM solutions. These improvements make it easier send data in and out of Maximo.

If you use the Spatial or CBM solutions, the Maximo Integration Framework now provides a pluggable mapper at the Publish Channel and Enterprise Service layers that make it possible to convert JSON to Maximo XML and Maximo XML to JSON. With the mapper, you can process data in an asynchronous model where data is dropped into a JMS queue before delivery. The JSON mapper is comparable to the existing use of Java/Scripts/XSL that allow customization processing on an integration message.

A new integration application, JSON Mapping, is now available to support the creation and configuration of JSON maps. You can use actions in the JSON Mapping application to create, duplicate, delete, and test JSON maps.

New with direct printing

The direct print feature no longer uses an applet and is now accessible on more browsers.

With the direct print feature, you can print a report to your default printer without opening the report browser. Before, the direct print feature used an applet to print. The feature no longer uses an applet. This change ensures that the direct print feature remains accessible on all browsers.

The direct print upgrade includes minor functionality improvements. For instance, to print some documents, the Initialize And Script Activex Controls Not Marked Safe For Scripting setting had to be enabled. It is no longer necessary to enable this setting. Additionally, all attachments on a network drive are now available from the Maximo Application Server and all attachment formats are now converted to a pdf format to improve the stability of the feature.

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