How You Can Learn to Love the Cloud

Cloud computing has transcended its trend status states PC Magazine and has gone mainstream with 90% of companies having already adopted the cloud, while 82% of those individuals having saved money afterwards. Gartner, a leading, IT research and advisory company went even further, “Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style.”

So what is cloud computing and how does it work? Well, instead of hardware and software you’re using on your computer or being hosted on your company’s internal network, it’s delivered to you as a service by another company and accessed via the Internet. Not only that, all the functions of traditional servers such as email and file storage can also be performed on the cloud. One great benefit of the cloud is data recovery because your data’s stored off-site. In fact, according to 2014 Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey, 93% of companies that lose their data centers for more than a week due to a natural disaster will file for bankruptcy.

So how can the cloud elevate your company? Cloud computing will lift your IT performance while simultaneously transforming your business end to end by reducing the need for new hardware purchases, streamlining management processes, and facilitating collaboration between individuals and work groups. Already, 2x more companies will use the cloud for significant innovations by 2015.

How Businesses are Already Adopting the Cloud

As the business of commerce has evolved along with technology; so to must your old computing models to effectively support ever changing enterprise demands. One way to deliver on this advancement is to make the cloud part of your formal IT portfolio.

If you’re currently using the base version of IBM Maximo Asset Management SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or another application with similar functions, IBM Cloud SaaS transcends the ad hoc nature of SaaS and adds new value by accelerating business process innovation and delivering business analytics at point of impact and end to end.

“Maximo helps organizations put processes in place to ensure asset uptime, and, ideally, help reduce costs,” says Dave Gasdia, IBM Maximo. Maximo Asset Management SaaS is the first step into the cloud for the application, offering base functionality plus mobile connectivity.
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Source: IBM, The power of cloud: Driving business model innovation Published date: February 2012