How to Bridge the Enterprise Asset Management Skills Gap

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems are complex software products, consisting of multiple applications. These applications track the location and status of every piece of equipment your company needs to operate effectively and complete projects. The EAM generates streams of data that need to be analyzed in order to make vital business decisions every day.

Running and supporting such a complex system requires a very specialized skill set. Unfortunately, companies that use EAM systems are experiencing a shortage of the talent needed to run them. One way these companies can bridge the EAM skills gap is by hosting their system in the cloud.

Maximo Skills Gap

EAM-Maximo Skills Gap

An EAM Administrator’s Many Hats

An EAM System Administrator is responsible for supporting end-users throughout the organization. When a problem arises, the Administrator must be able to troubleshoot and resolve that problem quickly and efficiently. This process involves developing, testing, and verifying a fix.

The Administrator must monitor the entire system and make any necessary patches or upgrades. They are also responsible for setting up testing and development environments for the system. These tasks must be completed while remaining in compliance with regulations for the company’s respective industry.

The complexity of the position demands that the EAM Administrator have specific certifications and several years’ experience. Training in EAM technology and project management ensures they can take on both an engineering and leadership role.

EAM Brain Drain

The EAM skills gap is part of a growing and alarming trend in the IT world. The supply of qualified job candidates with specialized technical skills such as data security and analytics doesn’t meet the current demands. In a focused area like EAM Administration, only a handful of experts are available.

Some companies try to bridge the skills gap by training part of their team to handle the EAM system. However, once trained in this specialized trade (and at your expense), employees realize their worth. Because the EAM skillset is so rare, the newly-trained employee might be attracted to a position elsewhere if they can make more money. This traps you in a continual hiring cycle.

The scarcity of EAM talent means it comes at a premium. Intelligent Technology Solutions estimates that a Maximo EAM system expert can cost upwards of $125,000/a year salary or more plus benefits.

Finding Your EAM Expert in the Cloud

Instead of spending time and money training your IT staff to administer your EAM system or on external hiring, you can host it in the cloud. Outsourcing your Maximo support guarantees you have an entire staff with the required skills at your disposal at the fraction of what it would cost to pay one person’s salary.

With cloud-hosted EAM, you acquire a dedicated team of experts. These EAM specialists are available at any time to solve problems quickly and expertly. Better yet, your in-house staff is free to do what they do best: focus on your core business.

Beware the EAM Skills Gap

If you are relying on your current IT staff to administer your EAM, you may not be getting a broad view of your system. Problems with the system may be harder for even the most seasoned IT tech to identify and fix. You may be falling behind on important updates and refreshes.

The technology skills gap is a growing crisis, but your company doesn’t need to fall victim to it. Hosting your EAM in the cloud will give you access to the expertise you need without having to recruit or train special staff.

Intelligent Technology Solutions (ITS) is the ideal hosting provider for EAM. In addition to the support and maintenance of your EAM, we also offer Maximo 911. In an emergency, you can call on Maximo 911 and receive immediate help from certified Maximo experts.

Instead of paying 6 figures for one in-house expert, you can keep an entire team on call at an affordable subscription rate.

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