EAM Security in the Cloud

How to Take Your EAM Security to the Next Level

Industrial companies rely on Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems to track and record vital information about their equipment so they can make better business decisions. The right decisions can only be made if organizations are confident that the information they have is current and accurate. Protecting this information from loss or compromise is essential to assuring that data is of high quality and available when needed.

EAM and Cloud Security with Maximo

Running your EAM system on-premises may seem like the safest way to go. If you keep all your EAM data on site, you might feel that you can monitor it more closely. But if your business is relying on on-site protection, your security resources might be limited.

The solution to overcoming these security limitations is hosting EAM in the cloud. The cloud has become a desirable alternative to onsite security. In the past, companies worried about how safe the cloud was, but with today’s technological advancements, more organizations are gravitating to the cloud for data protection. According to Clutch, a software research firm, 64% of companies now believe the cloud is more secure than legacy systems.

Here are some of the key security advantages the cloud provides:

Super Vigilance

Key findings from the 2017 Global State of Information Security survey deem the cloud as an in vogue choice for frontline security defense. The survey emphasized the strengths of cloud-based monitoring and analytics capabilities. In a nutshell, the cloud provides the latest capabilities for identifying evolving threats.

Many companies, however, lack the expertise needed to respond to cyber threats once they are detected by the cloud. That’s where a provider comes in. With a cloud-hosting provider, companies benefit from the expertise of a staff dedicated to security. Hosting providers typically have years of experience detecting and fighting a range of attacks affecting many types of companies. A provider can offer 24/7/365 monitoring, freeing your staff to focus on maintaining vital equipment and managing projects.

Fortress-like Security

Working with multiple clients allows a cloud provider to spare no expense in acquiring the latest in security tools and strategies. Therefore, a hosted provider gives your business access to a cloud datacenter with state-of-the-art security.

The ideal cloud provider offers not only data security but physical security. If a natural disaster or utility outage affects your physical site, you can rest easy knowing your EAM system is safe from ruin. During a catastrophic situation, the cloud’s single point of entry prevents unauthorized personnel from gaining access. The cloud provides off-site backup so that you can recover lost data during a disaster.

Multiple Lines of Defense

Not every incident of compromise is preventable, but a multi-layered security strategy increases the chance of avoiding data loss or penetration. The cloud has the potential to protect data in transit, in use, and while at rest:

1) Access management prevents unauthorized users from viewing and possibly altering information.
2) Data encryption keeps sensitive information from being read.
3) Secure socket layers protect information that is being transferred from your on-premises data center to the cloud.


Embracing EAM in the Cloud

If your company isn’t hosting EAM in the cloud, you may be missing out on the latest innovations in security. Instead of struggling to improve onsite security, you can move to the cloud and develop a winning security strategy with your provider.

Not every cloud provider offers the same level of security. When you partner with Intelligent Technology Solutions (ITS), you can benefit from Maximo as a Service (MaaS). With MaaS, you gain access to military-grade security in our data center and a full suite of security tools so you can always feel confident about the quality and availability of your EAM data.

Find out if hosting your EAM in the cloud is right for your company. Schedule a free consultation with ITS.
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