Instant access to expert-level technical assistance with ITS Maximo 911.

Companies rely on IBM Maximo to manage their assets. However, they may not have access to the specialized support needed to keep Maximo running smoothly. That’s why ITS is offering our clients Maximo 911.

Maximo 911 provides rapid response to IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management system support questions and technical problems. With Maximo 911, your company has expert support from high-level Maximo experts.

Reach out to one of our Maximo 911 experts to choose from three types of service and get started. We offer:

  • Scheduled Support for help during a planned maintenance window
  • Emergency Support for immediate help with a critical issue or shutdown
  • Pay as You Go to subscribe for a block of time

What to Expect:

  1. Fill out the form to tell us about your business and request Maximo 911.
  2. An ITS rep will follow up to discuss your Maximo 911 support options and start you on your way.
  3. Gain access to expert support for IBM Maximo.
  4. Option to upgrade to 24×7 support.

    Contact ITS to get expert technical assistance with IBM Maximo.