IBM Maximo Services for IoT

As companies embrace the internet of things (IoT) and connect their important assets to an asset management system, complexity increases. Organizations must manage and track numerous geographically dispersed connected devices that report important information such as run time, fluid levels, vibration, and location.

The data collected via asset tracking can be used to support decision-making, prevent losses, and maximize asset utilization rates. A robust asset management solution, such as IBM Maximo, is needed to meet the challenges created by IoT. Maximo enables companies to access real-time information about asset health.

In the past, ITS has used IBM Maximo to help:

  • Companies save time and money by eliminating manual tracking processes
  • Auto manufacturers enable their robot arms to report information
  • Oil and gas companies monitor the tolerance levels of tanks

Is your business looking for an EAM solution that can handle the challenges of IoT? Reach out to ITS to find out more about IBM Maximo.

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