What is software IV&V?

IV&V stands for Independent Verification and Validation. It is an assessment performed by a third party organization that was not involved in the development of the software application. This ensures that the team performing the assessment has no vested interest in its outcome.

The goal is to determine if user requirements are met and the application is structurally sound and meets the required specifications.

For a software IV&V assessment, ITS will do the following:

  • Review the source code
  • Examine associated product documentation
  • Analyze associated algorithms for static verification
  • Perform integration testing to ensure all modules are meshed as one and work properly together
  • Test functionality and match with user requirements
  • Run system testing on the entire software and hardware solution

The Benefits of ITS Software IV&V Services

The collaborative process between you and the ITS Testing team will develop the ROE, which confirms that we are all on the same page for the activities that will take place.

The ROE will address the following:

  • Early detection and correction of software anomalies
  • Enhanced management insight into process and product risk
  • Lifecycle process support and alignment with proper program performance, schedule, and budget
  • Early assessment of software and system performance
  • Objective analysis of the software and system to verify support for a formal certification process
  • Improved internal software development and maintenance processes

ITS’ experience providing software IV&V services can benefit your organization on your next application development project. It can also help improve your ongoing process.