Underperforming Assets?

Underperforming assets can have negative impacts on the overall health and success of a company and drive profits into the ground. Asset downtime can disrupt production and lead to lower customer satisfaction. Also, an ineffective preventive maintenance program can increase the running cost of assets and equipment.  This, in turn, can force companies to make untimely investments in new equipment that could have been avoided or at least delayed. Another impact of underperforming assets and inadequate asset management is that it can expose companies to safety violations and even cause the death of employees.

While executives might look at other areas that can drag down a company’s profitability, asset performance management is often overlooked. What many executives fail to realize is that assets running at peak performance increase sales and therefore increase revenue and profitability.

Infor CloudSuite EAM Enterprise helps you:

  • Reduce Risks
  • Enhance Capacity
  • Automate and Streamline
  • Drive better Decision-Making
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Increase Safety
  • Update Records with Mobile

More than 10,000 organizations worldwide use Infor EAM to better manage, maintain, and track their assets, as well as drive better decision-making in maintenance, inventory/warranty, uptime, risk management, and strategic planning.

“With Infor, we’ve realized 10% to 11% efficiency improvements, and our maintenance costs have dropped by 5% to 10%”.

—Milton Slagowski, Maintenance Manager, Heinz Frozen Food Co.

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